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What is The Realm VR?


Dive deep into the ocean as if you were there. Travel to an arctic wasteland and fight off endless hoards of zombies either alone or with friends. Go up 75 stories high and walk a perilous plank from the comfort of our own arcade! If this feels too intense, simply relax and enjoy the many immersive and exciting adventures The Realm has in store for you.

Whatever you choose, we absolutely guarantee you an experience unlike anything you've seen before...

Imagine an alternate reality you can see, hear and touch. A reality you can walk around and even interact with real people around the world!

Using the very latest in Virtual Reality and computing technology  The Realm VR takes you on a journey, one which will blow your mind!
With 5 years of research, complete with customised and bespoke designs. The Realm VR offers you a door to the Virtual Realm, will you take the step through it?

Portal Plus


We use nothing less than elite level Virtual Reality Headsets, with customised upgrades, including full wireless technology, enhanced lense upgrades, combined with state-of-the-art computer hardware. This makes for the best in VR technology available for you to use! Take advantage of our large playspaces, outstanding field of view all displayed in stunning detail, haptic feedback controllers and more.
All to provide a truly unparalleled sense of Virtual Reality immersion.


Choose from over 100 realistic cars and tracks, and with up to 3 friends, race each other in breathtaking detail at speeds over 200 miles an hour, with our state-of-the-art "5D" commercial level racing simulators. Boasting full haptic motion platforms and race steering wheels/pedals. while powerful wind simulators that blast you the faster you go. Race on your own, or with 2 friends, or simply just go demolition derby on each other.

VR Racing Wheel
Portal Plus


Looking to go to the next level? Look no further than The Realm VR. We use nothing short of mind bending technology to truely immerse you in the Virtual World. Our fine tuned state-of-the-art haptic suit will allow you to not only see, touch and hear the Virtual Realm. It will allow you to FEEL it too.
FEEL the hits as you fight in awesome battles.
FEEL the beat as you move to the rythm.
FEEL the true power of VR


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